Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully. You are required to signal your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions before submitting an application.

The applicant will notify The Pharmaceutical Locum Company Pty Limited (PLC) immediately if an employer either employs, or attempts to employ, in any permanent or temporary capacity, an applicant who has been referred by PLC to the client within the previous 12 months, whether or not the applicant has been employed there previously.

All communications about positions available are to be held confidential and details are not to be passed on to fellow pharmacists or employers.

It is the aim of PLC to refer candidates to reputable and ethical employers; however, PLC does not take responsibility for the professional conduct of the employer or the conduct of the employer’s business.

The applicant is never an employee of PLC and hence has no authority to act for or on behalf of PLC.

Wages will be paid by the employer, and are not the responsibility of PLC.

The applicant gives PLC permission to contact the Referees listed on either the Applicant Details form or the applicant’s résumé, for the purpose of obtaining information relating to previous employment. In addition, the applicant gives consent to our agency copying and printing the applicant’s résumé for its own records and for forwarding onto prospective employers where applicable.