LocumCo in association with MTA Travel will organise all transportation requirements. That means, if you need a flight, a train, a hire car and a pony to get to that pharmacy, our travel partners will organise it all from whoa to go.

  • Who pays for transport? Our funding allows for these costs.
  • How do you get your tickets? We will try and specify an e-ticket in most cases; in other instances we will courier the tickets to you.
  • What you need to provide:
    • Photo identification to facilitate flight booking using an E-ticket.
    • A credit card just in case you need get a hire care and have to leave a credit card slip as a guarantee (you know the procedure).
    • Receipts. Remember to keep receipts for any out of pocket expenses you incur, we can only reimburse you on presentation of a valid receipt. (i.e., if you take a taxi to the airport).

Suzanne Watson at MTA Travel is available to Pharmacies and Locums 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.
Contact details:

MTA Mobile Travel Agents

ABN 65 603 064 044
Suzanne Watson

MTA Mobile Travel Agents

M +61 419 439 529