I would like to personally thank the Emergency Locum Service whose services I have required on two occasions with both experiences being excellent. After needing to be hospitalised to await our twins on a Friday afternoon, a locum was sourced to start on the Monday for the week preceding Christmas, no doubt the busiest week in the calendar year. The pharmacist was amazing and all went smoothly. Thanks Sue and your team, I’m sure you will again help if needed in the future.

Mulwala Pharmacy


I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to get benefited from the emergency locum service. By getting this service, I was able to see my doctor without being stressed about finding a locum pharmacist in a short period .Also it was a great help for Quilpie community as the pharmacy would be closed if I couldn’t find a locum pharmacist before I leave the town .Opening the pharmacy within the normal business hours without a sudden close is not only a live saving for some people in such a rural town but also will maintain my reliability and the mutual trust between me and my customers. Again and again, I would like to thank you and the Australian government for supporting this service.

Micheal Khalifa
Quilpie Pharmacy


Last year, my asthma got to a point where I needed several days treatment in hospital. Being in a rural area, I had no one to call upon locally, but Sue at the Pharmaceutical LocumCo was able to arrange someone within a few days.

My locum was not just anyone, either. She was very well qualified and the pharmacy carried on well in my absence.

The Emergency Locum Program paid for her travel and I just paid for the wages. It gives you peace of mind to know that there is a backup as being able to cope with illness or sudden emergencies is one of the things which you worry about when buying a pharmacy in a small town as you feel a responsibility to keep the doors open for your customers, as they rely on you so much.

Sharon Baker
Jandowae Pharmacy